Learn just a tad about how this all began!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” - William Arthur Ward

            Let me be completely honest with you, this entire movement, project, etc. started as a joke. Yes! You heard that correctly, a joke! I was scrolling through Pinterest and found a slip that said, “I think you’re attractive.” I thought this would be so funny to print out and give to my friends. So immediately I screenshotted this and sent it to one of my best friends, Hailey Angeles. With her amazing designing skills, she started creating. Soon I had them printed and in my hand, ready to Spread Smiles. I quickly realized that these might have been just a TAD awkward. I began to think to myself, with a little bit of change these pieces of paper could have a huge impact. I began brainstorming to find different messages that would bring the same feel good impact but be more casual and accepted. Some cards were funnier, some were serious, and some were just right. This all led to the 2nd and personally, my all-time favorite card, “I Love your smile.” This card was the sweet spot between feel good and casual. Eventually this is the card that made it far and wide and is the most recognizable and used out of all of them! There are many more versions of Smile Cards from “You’re Rad” to “I Love Your Positivity.” We made them all. I began to look at these cards as what they truly are…day altering messages. This is evident when you pass them out. When you give someone a Smile Card, you see a glimmer in their smile which is beyond heartwarming and begins to bring people together. These slips, although small in size, have a large impact in the community and school atmosphere when they’re given out. It’s awe-inspiring how a simple piece of paper can become something much more powerful with a little ink and some love in your heart. I’m so grateful for everyone who has been part of this movement/project from passing out smile cards or helping strengthen the movement in any way, shape, or form. I couldn’t have got to where this is now without all of you. I’m so excited to look to the past to see where it started and now into the future to see where it’s going. Spread Smiles Org. is so ecstatic to help encourage all of you amazing human beings to help make the world a kinder place one smile at a time. We are so happy you’re deciding to join us on this journey!

With TONS of love and gratitude,

Adam Cullen