Continuing The Legacy.



Michael Reynosa.

Legacy. What a powerful word. It’s the one thing that people will always remember about you. Think about it. If the day ever comes where you can’t physically prove to people what you believe in, what will you be remembered and known for. Whether your legacy is good or bad it’s a conscious choice. Writing this is hard. At this point I’ve already deleted and restarted this 6, now 7 times each rewrite getting a tad farther than the previous. The word legacy is hard to put into words and even harder explain the impact of it. I’m hoping by telling you this story, you’ll fully grasp this concept and make the conscious choice to live your life to the fullest and make your mark on this world.

I remember this day like yesterday. Driving around my hometown with my best friend. Jamming out to music until a hand reached over and turned down the radio showing me his phone. His screensaver showed one simple but ever so powerful phrase, “Make Someone Smile Today.” Little did I know the impact this would have on so many people far and wide less than a year later. As he began to explain what this meant to him I couldn’t help but to sit in awe as I’m driving down this windy road. He was perfectly explaining a concept and goals he had for himself and his legacy at a young age. People who have lived experienced lives cannot grasp or understand this beautifully deep concept. He was telling me how his siblings both had legacy’s. Both powerful, kind hearted, and filledwith love. He began to say how powerful they were and that he wanted to leave one equally if not more powerful but in his own way. Not by obligation to them or his family but to himself and the world In which he lived, laughed, and loved. He wanted to live his life with his purpose being helping others and changing people lives. What a beautiful thing to witness.

Months later, tragedy took place and my friend who was with me that same day at school and talking with late that night was now gone. It shook me to the core. Not only myself but the community has never been so lost, broken, confused, and so much more. As people began to find out, people came together at this terrible incident. As time passed beauty began to come out of the ashes. At the age of 15 he touched more lives than most people more than quadruple his age. The stories of his kindness, his love, and his sacrifice all began to surface. This legacy he envisioned for himself was coming to fruition. By living by this mantra he set for himself, he was able to change so many lives. It was such a simple phrase, but when words meet action the world as we know it begins to change. 

            When we live our lives by connecting our kind words and action we change the world around us bit by bit. Or in Michaels case, smile by smile. Living in our life right now we are not living a legacy we are simply living our lives but when we no longer are here to live it that is when legacy forms. This can be as simple as leaving a legacy on your high school after you graduate marked by the things you did and the way in which you acted.

So the question is..

What will YOUR legacy be?

Think about it. Digest it. 

When you’re ready, I’m urging you to physically write it down. Make it your screensaver. Put it on your mirror. Do whatever you must to constantly remember this and live by it. 

I can only hope that one day all of our legacies can be as powerful as


I want to leave you with these words. People won’t remember what you did, they will remember how you made them feel. When you purposely live your life with kindness you leave permanent tattoos on everyone you touch and that... is your legacy.